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We do not offer off-the-shelf leadership training. But we do offer a well-founded understanding of leadership, from which we derive customized learning paths for your leaders. We distinguish between three levels of leadership:

  1. The process of organizational decisions that ensure the continued life of the organization.
  2. The performance of a leadership team, which should be more than the sum of the performance of individual leaders.
  3. The leadership performance in the narrower sense, in which a leader makes decisions socially acceptable.

For your development needs, we offer customized solutions on these three levels. From the design of individual learning paths for individual managers in coaching, to the accompaniment of entire management teams through a jointly defined learning space, to culture development as a normative goal development process, from which derivations can be made for the movement of the entire organization.

Development of a leadership culture

By developing a leadership culture, we mean the creative effort of a leadership team to develop its own normative leadership model. Such models consist of guiding principles or values. More important than the formulation is, on the one hand, the way to get there: from large group facilitation to learning journeys to other companies or the development of experimental laboratories for New Leadership; and, on the other hand, the way from there: the derivation of intelligent and unbureaucratic instruments that anchor the normative target model in everyday work and the distribution of focus resources (people, feedback, money, tools, etc.). Here, the focus is on questions of usefulness and connectivity, since culture as a “non-decidable decision premise” can only be changed with existing operations and successively. We accompany you in this process through intensive sparring, intelligent process architectures, the necessary stringency in the formulation of results and creative ideas for the derivation of anchor instruments.

Leadership development

Based on the competencies and strategic objectives of your organization, we accompany your leadership team in the development of new perspectives, possibilities and options for action. Together with the leadership system, we create a learning path that usually deals with the following topics:

  1. Strategy work, as it decides on the program of the organization and also wants to be led in the functional areas.
  2. Organizational design, since it allows structured derivations from the strategic goal picture, without just repainting yesterday’s forms.
  3. Role and leadership understanding, since here a communitized perspective helps to avoid process cost losses due to ambiguities in the future.
  4. Conversational leadership and feedback, since communication, along with decisions, is the core of leadership work.
  5. Rule communication and agile methods, since many practical tools for efficient communication and decision-making can be derived from the new organizational forms.
  6. Change management, since from the family brewery to the international corporation, all organizations must constantly deal with change – internally or in the environment.
  7. Personality development, since strength-based leadership starts with each individual.
  8. Team development, since a leadership system can accomplish more than the sum of its individual leaders.
  9. Learning journeys, as it is worthwhile to look beyond one’s own nose and to expand one’s own scope of possibilities at other companies and to locate one’s own leadership practice.

Individual leadership development

We accompany individuals when they first take on leadership roles as team leaders, when they move into more strategic leadership roles as department or division heads, and when they work at C-level through individual one-on-one coaching and sparring. At the beginning, we clarify the jumping-off point and the desired flight altitude and then work out a development path in a first session in co-creation, to which we orient ourselves in a process-oriented monthly working session. Here we reflect on current issues or medium- to long-term phenomena of the personality, work out new perspectives and clear options for action, which can then be experimented with. Such individual development support is initially designed for one year and can optionally be extended by another or changed to an occasion-related pool of hours. Leadership development for individual coaching is usually preceded by a theory session in which we discuss the following topics:

  1. What is the organization of the organization?
  2. What is leadership and why is it needed?
  3. How does strategy development work?
  4. How does employee psychology work?

Each learning path is tailored by us to the personality, the team or the organization along a clear systemic theory and thought models derived from it. We make a start in a free initial consultation:

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