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Personnel selection and aptitude assessment

We advise you on personnel selection, the recruitment of competent managers and specialists; and on potential diagnostics for advancement or fit. With valid instruments and competent observers, we offer a clearly and neutrally formulated external perspective. We analyse your requirements, develop a structured and individual assessment tool, moderate the selection process and offer you a clear and unambiguous recommendation. We will be happy to provide you with detailed advice on our services to accompany your personnel decisions.

Personnel selection

Ideally, you will work with new employees for several years. So it is all the more important that they really suit you.

We accompany you on the way to your personnel selection. A detailed analysis of the tasks, challenges and team constellations is at the beginning. From this we derive individual stages of a personnel selection day. We use scientifically evaluated tools with a high prediction quality. We moderate your personnel selection days and assessment centres on request. This allows you to concentrate fully on the assessment of your applicants. After each decision round, we offer feedback interviews that are legally secure, open-ended, appreciative and yet clear.

Aptitude assessment

Potential analysis or development assessments are tools for employee development. External support is central here in order to enable a new perspective on your colleagues. We offer you transparency, appreciation and a well-founded and clear performance feedback. Through thorough analysis, sound planning, valid processes, professional support and effective feedback, we support you in placing the right specialists and managers in the positions where you can contribute to the success of your company.

International assignments

Shipment tasks are development opportunities, but also offer stumbling blocks. A professional and requirement-related personnel selection or potential analysis is particularly important here in order to ensure the success of the secondment. Whether in development cooperation organisations or internationally active companies: the challenges of working abroad are manifold. After all, not only the expatriate, but also family and friendships are affected by a departure. We offer professional support for your personnel selection, which includes a risk assessment in addition to the usual performance criteria. This also includes self-selection and a clear discussion of possible hazards.

Assessor trainings

The relevant research lists some optimization possibilities for personnel selection procedures. One of them is easy to implement: conduct professional observer training in advance. We offer you these training courses. People understand their environment through ready-made mental categories. They are popularly called prejudices. These prejudices also distort the evaluations in selection procedures. Since they have the peculiarity of being formed very quickly, being fairly stable over time and often distorting in the same direction for the assessments of all observers, it is often not even noticeable.


We train your internal assessors in a one-day workshop, in which we deal in a compact and application-oriented way with perception errors and the possibilities of their correction. The importance of uniform requirement matrices and evaluation scales is also discussed. In this way, you can ensure that your observers make the right decisions – and that you can later rely on really suitable employees.

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