Jonas Asendorpf
Führungskräfte Coaching mit Dr. Jonas Asendorpf

Jonas Asendorpf

Owner and contact person for coaching requests. The Friends network works together on assignments in the fields of diagnostics and organisational development.

PhD in Philosophy (Dr. phil.)
Systemic Coach (DGSF)

Systemic Supervisor (DGSF)

Hypnotherapist (according to DGH criteria)

Deutsche Geusellschaft für systemische Therapie, Beratung und Familientherapie

Jonas Asendorpf grew up in four different federal states, and was thus able to fill the word change with his own experience at an early age and see it as a challenge and growth opportunity. During his studies of psychology in Freiburg and Leipzig, he also searched for these through longer stays abroad. Thus he researched influences on the relationship quality of executives and employees in Ghanaian banks and trained psychosocial consultants in the conflict region Kashmir in India.


After training as a systemic organizational developer, systemic supervisor and systemic coach, he now accompanies and advises companies, SMEs, the public sector in the development of managers, employees and teams through coaching and training, as well as in cultural and organizational development processes. He has turned his love of development and discovery into a profession and prefers to work on making development processes goal-oriented, performant, healthy and authentic.


Since 2010 he has been a lecturer for personality psychology, diagnostics and psychological methodological competence at the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management in Leipzig. 2020 he obtained a doctoral degree in Philosophy (Dr. phil.) from the Academy of Visual Arts (akbild) in Vienna, Austria.

Juliane Grundmann

Juliane Grundmann worked for a German insurance group in the areas of sales, training and personnel development. At the age of 24 she became a manager, designed personnel retention programs, gave lectures on the topics of personnel, leadership and sales and introduced online training. After almost ten years, she swapped her business dress for a backpack and traveled the world for one and a half years. After training in creative methodology, the business administration graduate now controls the project and customer management of jaCoaching, orchestrates our services and is your direct contact for bookings.

& Friends

Katja Falkenberg

Katja Falkenberg

Diplom-Volkswirtin. Expert for process optimization, strategy consulting and horse-supported training.

Herbert Bichlmeier

Herbert Bichlmeier

Industrial clerk and business psychologist, transaction analyst. Many years of industry experience at BMW and Rodenstock. The expert when it comes to team development.

Alice Murschall

Alice Murschall

Pedagogue (M.A.), Systemic Coach (DGSF) & Systemic Supervisor, trained trainer. Expert for training and effective development work in process support and coaching.

Cordula Söfftge

Cordula Söfftge

Psychologist, Coach (DCV), 25 years experience as leader and project manager. Expert for leadership training, mediation and coaching.


Daniel Steinitz

Psychologist, Systemic Coach (DGSF) & Supervisor (DGSF), Systemic Teaching Coach (DGSF) & Teaching Supervisor (DGSF), Systemic Consultant (DGSF), Mediator (M.A.). Expert in coaching, supervision and conflict management.


Birgit Schneider

Psychologist, Systemic Coach (DGSF) & Systemic Supervisor (DGSF), Systemic Consultant (DGSF). Expert for change management, process support and team development.


Thadeus Roth

In addition to the ARD crime scene, the creative media forge also accompanies our team, organisational and cultural development processes through unusually effective interventions in everyday working life.

The repgrid


We like to get to the heart of your subject. With a question technique that does not specify any questions. And yet it delivers standardized and organization-wide results that take you a step forward. With analysis software that maps the results in the way you would like them as a company 4.0 – complex, reduced, graphical and precise.



Auswaertiges Amt

Foreign Ministry

  • Coaching of executives at home and abroad


BMW Logo

BMW Group

  • Conception and moderation of workshops for the development of the organizational culture for all management levels of a production plant.
  • Framework Agreement Partner for Transformation Management.
  • Moderation of workshops in leadership teams.
  • Moderation of departmental workshops after employee surveys.
  • Team development.

Stadt Leipzig

City of Leipzig

  • Change support and organizational development over several years after a merger.
  • Moderation of the Mayor’s Summer Forum.
  • Moderation of management meetings for departments, offices and departments.
  • Coaching of executives.
  • facilitation of workshops.


Max Planck Society

  • Individual coaching of scientific executives.
  • Execution of departmental examinations.
  • Team development and team coaching.
  • conflict mediation.

Volkswagen Financial Services

Volkswagen Financial Services AG

  • Assistance of assessments of specialists and managers at all levels.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund

kuehne+nagel International AG


Executive coaching

AOK Führungsklausur
Stadtwerke Halle

Sensape GmbH

  • Teambuilding.


Diakonie Central Germany

  • Coaching of junior managers within the framework of LIFT².

Brot für die Welt

Bread for the World – Development Service

  • accompanying the aptitude-diagnostic procedures for posting specialists abroad.



Vocational training institution

  • Executive coaching.

Capital Magdeburg

  • Training of all managers of the city administration in performance assessment and employee appraisals in a tandem trainer.
  • Information events in large groups with all employees of the city administration about the new performance appraisal system.

Landespolizei Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Police

  • Aptitude diagnostics for the middle and upper service.
  • Potential diagnostics for advancement procedures to higher service.


German Human Resources Association

  • 7 years of cooperation in the fields of aptitude diagnostics, leadership training and executive coaching.

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