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Teams often face the next step: long-standing employees leave the team, new ones join them. Teams merge or move to other areas. The tasks are newly tailored. Employees have seldom thought this up themselves, and most of the time they have not been asked. We believe that early involvement of employees makes change processes faster and easier to be successful. And we offer you not only the change architecture, but above all concrete process support for the individual teams.


Facilitation means, on the one hand, opening a holding space for real discussion in which blockade energy becomes creative energy. And on the other hand goal-oriented moderation. Topics are often discussed death. Stringent leadership makes it possible to give topics exactly the periods of time in which a discussion is goal-oriented and productive. And then, with clear leadership, to bring about the solution that is possible for a group or a team at this point in time. We prefer to ensure functioning prototypes rather than unrealizable best solutions.

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