Learning spaces

We are convinced that an experience that is intended to influence everyday working life must go beyond this everyday working life. It is rarely enough just to talk. For an experience to become psychoactive, it must be coded as complexly as possible, i.e. address and activate many sensory channels simultaneously. It should provoke frequent orientation reactions, since every new attitude towards the existing evokes a new learning experience. We are convinced that real learning happens in motion and in space.


We offer you a target group-specific design of experience and learning spaces. For example, a leadership culture can be experienced and developed by passing through six rooms with different topics and learning materials that relate to the leadership culture, organizational history, vision, mission, mission statement and strategy and make certain topics playfully realizable.


We work with established architects and designers on a long-term basis to make your brand core visible. We offer a holistic production of such learning environments, from conception to planning to production and installation – exactly tailored to your needs. The ideal way of organisational development!

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