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ID and ME

Dive deep,

find your SELF

ID and ME

Dive deep,
find your SELF.

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ID and ME

personality development


Dive, …

ID and ME is a psychological tool for coherence promotion, personality development, mindfulness development and self-exploration. Using methods from hypnotic trance and part work, a journey of exploration into the control centers of personality begins.

ID and ME is a directed imagination: the methods of Ericksonian Trance lead you into a space of pictorial associations, into the network of your personality. On a pre-arranged itinerary you will visit places, representatives or parts of your personal life story. In this way you will receive information about yourself or upcoming decisions, find supporting images or people, anchor them in your consciousness for future challenges and call them up if necessary, or sort out what has already happened, recapitulate and write a coherent story: your own! ID and ME is ID and ME is an invitation to look at yourself from a new perspective. The light hypnotic trance serves as a coach that brings you under the layers of rational waking logic. You determine the itinerary. Communication is possible, but not necessary. In this way a silent picture journey emerges for you that speaks for itself of your self.


There are many good reasons for professional work with the ID and ME process, but one best: Interest in your self. This does not mean the conscious self, but the layer below it. What you are without wanting to be anything specific. In this layer lie the inner drivers of action. Knowing them is helpful, for example for:

1. Coherence

being real means above all knowing about the origins of one’s actions, thoughts and emotions. You can reach these origins above all in the layers through which a rhizomatic network journey with the ID and ME process leads. This makes them consciously available for the future, so your experience affects your conscious action, thinking and feeling in later situations. Self-awareness leads to more coherence experience, to more freedom of action, to more leadership competence and more calmness. Nothing is as effective as being genuine.

Coherence is an effective quality for future challenges, but also for life itself. A coherent, coherent, consistent perspective on the past also leads to more life satisfaction. The ID and ME process supports a calm present through a coherent past and an attentive future.

2. Mindfulness

Awareness has meanwhile experienced a renaissance in management literature. Above all, it means attention, calm and serenity in the observation and reception of inner processes, be they body signals, thoughts, perceptions or emotions. The original techniques for this come from the Buddhist meditation teachings. There the process of mindfulness begins with pure observation. ID and ME helps to develop mindfulness because it focuses on inner thought work. In Western cultures we are not used to just observing. The actual art of meditation is much closer to us: conscious manipulation, variation and exploration of one’s own thoughts. ID and ME opens this level and posture and can mean a first step to conscious being.

3. Innovation

The origins of ID and ME lie in a research project to discover the new. New discoveries, whether as innovation in business or inspiration in art, are the very characteristic of creative processes. And these processes can be developed and promoted with ID and ME. Because often the new is only a new perspective on what already exists. With ID and ME you reach new perspectives, which you can support in creative processes, innovation behaviour or inspiration crises.

4. Interest

Self-optimization is a new buzzword. The technique for this often consists of measuring one’s being using technical devices such as pedometers, heart rate monitors or activity apps. Ultimately, these are also instruments for the expansion of consciousness; they expand the conscious perception of hitherto unknown facts. The goal is to become better. ID and ME can also be used for optimization, but invites to turn to the actual core of such techniques: the interest in one’s own person and personality.

Both words are derived from the Greek word persona, which referred to the mask in ancient theatre. This mask is the conscious and desired ego, the outer shell of being intended for the others. Behind it lies another layer that is not shown. It is the self, its performances take place on the stage of fantasy. ID and ME is therefore a theatrical experience of the basis of personality. It has an immediate and at the same time purely personal relevance. Her exploration is primarily out of interest – out of interest in one’s own being.


ID and ME processes are intended as complete and stand-alone experiences. On request they can become part of a Coachings . An ID and ME process begins after the first contact with a detailed clarification of the assignment and a preliminary discussion. So that you and I know exactly where the journey should go. Afterwards you will make acquaintance with the possibilities of light hypnotic trance. The first contact with the technique deepens the relaxation during the actual journey – and thus enlarges the possibility space of the picture world into which you dive. The actual journey takes at least 90 minutes. But with ID and ME it is like with the world – the longer you drive, the more you get to see. Directly after the process we have a short conversation. Your experiences remain private as long as you want. For follow-up, interpretation or anchoring of experience elements, I am at your disposal at any time.

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