Leadership team development

What a beautiful journey: coaching a leadership team to enable Vattenfall to become fossil free in one generation!

Vattenfall leadership team development

1,5 year journey towards leadership excellence

Just finished a six step, 1,5-year leadership development programme with an international leadership team. Our journey started with an online co-creation session of the programme itself. We then worked on strategy, purpose, vision and the leadership team’s 2025 goal in Leipzig, reflected on the organizational design in Schoorl, Netherlands, defined the leadership and project manager roles in Hannover, had a teambuilding session in Düsseldorf and established customer centricity in Cologne. In between I was allowed to work with two teams in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Cologne and Berlin to further implement the results of the programme.

Vattenfall leadership team development

In the final workshop in Schoorl we rewrote their way of working, how to collaborate and arrive at decisions, and it felt like next level. A good indicator was the amount of jokes flying around and the ease of the feedback sessions in the end. What a ride! Thanks Sven Jacobs for inviting me to enable this great team to climb the next level of strategic and purpose focused work, with trust and a new way of collaboration!

Four key insights of this work:


  • The core of a leadership team’s DNA is the decision-making process.
  • You need to establish trust.
  • Strategy leads to alignment.
  • An integrated management coaching approach creates valuable insights that theory alone cannot.

I rewarded myself with another full day exploring the area around Schoorl and the first trip to the beach in 2023 and found some great destinations for walk and talk sessions in the area – recommended!

Vattenfall leadership team development

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