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Project management and meeting design

Instruments for project management or team meetings serve to reduce complexity and to align employees and project participants alike. They are an important element of cooperation, of creating purpose and commitment to an organisation; and often they are not designed efficiently and effectively. With the new work paradigm many good tools eveolved for team meetings, conferences and project management to facilitate goal- and time-orientation.


We accompany you in the effective and efficient design of your teamwork and the management of your projects. We work with instruments and tools that really reduce complexity. Simple systems such as kanban or certain rules from scrum project management make everyday work easier and lead to more productive meetings, which also create a comprehensive picture of the activities of all employees or project participants and partners. In this way, the monotony of long contributions by the same employees is broken, purpose and goal orientation are established, and complexity is reduced. And you save time, which you could use more sensibly elsewhere.

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